Relational database
that looks like sheets

Database Connector

Connect with your favorite databases natively. Say goodbye to hacky fixes.

spreadsheet database

Infinitely scalable

Smoothly handles millions of rows. Spreadsheets were never designed like this before

use google sheets as database

SQL Support

Write SQL queries atop of your spreadsheet data. Even, JOIN queries across spreadsheets.

google spreadsheet database

Use Cases

google forms database

Selectively monitor metrics with the ease of spreadsheets

google sheets database template

Create a lightweight analytics tool for your operations team to slice and dice data with simple filters.

Crunch large data using SQL.

Use it as a secondary Database for your team to build internal tools.


Spanner handles millions of rows smoothly and provides SQL support natively. You can join across sheets, do aggregations and write complex queries.


You can bring in data via API/ CSV/ Excel import or MySQL database. We’re integrating support for other databases including MongoDB, PostgreSQL and SQL Server

Yes it is currently under development

We are compliant with MySQL version 8.

Yes. We provide API support out of the box for your data in spreadsheets. Find our API documentation here.

Give missing abilities to your
sheets database.

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